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Taekwondo Wels, License number: 831984709

Telephone: +43 (0) 0676 6276 408




1. The contract is concluded for the period specified overleaf. If not, it will be extended by 6 months

is terminated in writing by one of the contracting parties at least 6 weeks before expiry. The right to extraordinary

Termination remains unaffected by this.


2. The membership contract can be terminated prematurely for good cause. An important reason is particularly one that is ongoing

Permanent illness that did not exist before membership was completed and which makes training impossible, or

a pregnancy. The notice period for this is 4 weeks, with the cancellation only being confirmed by a doctor

Certificate or similar Is accepted. The certificate or confirmations must be submitted promptly. Contributions will be prepaid

then charged and refunded. “Taekwondo Wels” also reserves the right to withdraw from this contract at any time.


3. The contract can also be terminated for good cause. A particularly important reason is a temporary illness

or a temporary change of residence. In both cases the duration must exceed at least 4 weeks. All

Shutdowns are only charged for entire months. A certificate or confirmation from the employer must be received promptly

be submitted. Prepaid contributions will be credited after re-entry.


4. I was expressly informed that “Taekwondo” or “Krav Maga” (MMA -BUDO) is a martial art

certain established rules. The fact that injuries can occur despite protective clothing, both during training and during training

I am aware of other events such as tournaments, championships, exhibition matches or seminars.


5. The membership fee must also be paid regularly until the end of the contract if the member completes the training at “Taekwondo Wels”.

does not take advantage of it for personal reasons.


6. Membership fees are due in advance on the first or 15th of each month and are paid by direct debit

moved in. Bank return debits must be borne by the member. A fee of €5 is due for reminder letters. A change in the

Bank details must be communicated to “Taekwondo Wels” immediately.


7. As soon as the member defaults on more than 2 monthly contributions, the contract will be terminated at the end of the term and the

Contributions are claimed until the end of the contract. In this case, “Taekwondo Wels” reserves the right to hand over the claims

to a debt collection agency. The member also bears the resulting costs.


8. The member agrees that the membership fee will be increased after each extension of the user agreement

can be made, after 3 months' notice, on the first of the next month. The advance notice of the fee applies to

at least a year.


9. The member is entitled to use the contractually agreed facilities of “Taekwondo Wels” as the official ones

Use training times. We reserve the right to make changes.


10. Taekwonod Wels reserves the right to change the opening times in a reasonable manner and/or to change certain areas

Temporarily block vacation, repair or maintenance work. In such a case, the member has no claim

Reimbursement of contributions.


11. The member is liable to “Taekwonod Wels” for damages due to misuse to the extent that the member causes the misuse

intentionally or negligently made possible. For any violation of this, the member undertakes to pay a fee

flat-rate compensation claim of €250. The assertion of anything beyond this contribution

“Taekwondo Wels” reserves the right to make any damages. If the member proves that less or no damage occurred,

the member only owes the proven amount.


12. “Taekwondo Wels” is not liable for intent or grossly negligent behavior. This applies in the event of injury to life

body or health of the member.


13. “Taekwondo Wels” undertakes to only provide data resulting from the execution of the contract to the extent necessary

save. The member agrees that photos will be taken at the event. The photos are for representation

our activities on the website and also in social media channels as well as in print media, in particular one (club newspaper,

Brochures, folders) published. Further information and the data protection declaration can be found


14. There is no liability for the loss of or damage to valuables and clothing brought in.

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