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Master Paul

Popular sport Taekwondo

Published on January 22, 2019 by Verena Arnold

Paul Sokic, MSc, MBA

5. DAN Taekwondo

Expert in self-defense with and without weapons

MMA Budo Master Instructors 

Krav Maga Instructors 

Certified fitness and health trainer

Qualified mental trainer

Studied business administration, management,

Health management and 

​Business psychology

Master Paul

Yes, in its country of origin, Korea, this dynamic martial art, in which arms and legs are used for defense and attack using punches and kicks, is actually seen as a popular sport, because this sport is part of school lessons, just like athletics, gymnastics and ball sports in Europe. This martial art, which is already 2,500 years old, trains the entire body and trains the mind, teaching self-confidence, patience, respect and humility. It can therefore be said that this sport is suitable for keeping the body healthy and shaping the character positively.

To find out more about this interesting sport, we spoke to the master and coach Paul Sokic from Wels. The holder of the 5th Dan has Croatian roots and extensive training that qualifies him for his work. He has completed a degree in business administration and management with a focus on health management, as well as training to become a qualified mental trainer and qualified fitness and health trainer.

He started training in karate in his youth and then got into taekwondo through a friend. This sport fascinated him even more - also because he was taught by a Korean teacher and therefore immediately learned more about the Korean culture and mentality of the people in Korea.

Today he teaches himself at the Taekwondo Wels martial arts school, which is run as a club and offers dynamic sport at the highest level.  Fast, powerful and artfully efficient – this is how you can summarize what Taekwondo, the Korean martial and self-defense art, is all about.

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