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Mental  training

Mental training is an effective method for acquiring or improving mental, sporting and emotional strategies or techniques. The basic idea of mental training is to consciously direct your thoughts so that they attract success. Through the application you will learn to use the knowledge for yourself and to achieve your goals.

Master Paul's Taekwondo training, which uses traditional methods paired with the latest sports science findings, is also accompanied by specially developed mental techniques. The program, which was developed through years of collaboration between Master Paul, who is himself a qualified mental trainer, and other psychologists and doctors, is a constant, imperceptible companion in every training session.

  • With us, our students learn clear goal setting and perseverance along the way

  • Concentrate at the right moment

  • Dealing with stress (avoidance, coping) and dealing with high pressure to perform are taught in every training session

  • Learning new techniques and movement sequences as well as being well organized

  • Training makes you calm, balanced, content and happy

  • Joy of life - How to find more optimism and self-confidence


It is important to us to not only strengthen our students physically and to introduce them to Taekwondo. We see it as our job to give our students skills that they can also use in other areas of their lives.

Confident, strong people and kids are the designers and leaders of tomorrow!

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With us, our students learn to set clear goals and persevere along the way.


Focus and ability to concentrate at the right moment.

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Portrait of young Asian Taekwondo man and son doing Meditation sitting on stone at the nat

Pressure to perform 

The correct way to deal with stress (avoidance, coping) and how to cope with increased pressure to perform are taught in every training session.

Inner peace

Training makes you calm, balanced, satisfied and therefore happy.

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